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Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website

Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website


If you are planning to presence your business or organization on mobile, fist you should analysys two things of mobile before develop. Mobile App which user can download from there desire store and website that run on browser. There are some factors which are target audience, features , type of website, cost (budget) and time frame.

Difference between Mobile App and Mobile Website

Mobile App: Mobile App is known as mobile application, which is download and install from device based store. Installation and download process is single time. There are some mobile app store like for android store “Google Play Store”, for iPhone and iPad “iTunes Store(App store)” and for blackberry devices “Blackberry App World”. It is one time process.

Mobile Website: It is always run from browser of mobile. The design look like as mobile app, It is content of html , css and js.


Mobile website is access using browser and Mobile app need to download and install.


Mobile website run as navigational UI / UX and Mobile app is run through interactive UI/UX


Mobile website always require connectivity of internet and Mobile app works when you are offline.


Mobile website has limited features always work on cross browser, but Mobile app feature work on mobile device capabilities.

Cost to Develop

Mobile website costing is less than app. App development cost is too high.

Speed and Performance

Mobile Website perfomance is good, but app perfomance is best.

App Store

Mobile app require desired store and mobile website do not require.